Integration Therapy

Barbara Rose is available for private sessions in person or on the phone for clients seeking assistance with:

  • relationship issues
  • stressful situations
  • addictions
  • life transitions
  • physical & emotional blocks
  • preparation for and recovery from surgery
  • spiritual direction (invitation for deepening growth on your unique spiritual path)

A wide variety of techniques may be used, including:

  • cellular cleansing
  • harp therapy
  • clinical hypnotherapy
  • energy balancing
  • aromatherapy
  • guided imagery
  • stress reduction
  • Awareness Through Movement®
  • Functional Integration®
  • Compassionate Harp

Healing Journeys to Brazil

"Early in my life I made a commitment to be of service to people seeking to grow spiritually and to those wanting to heal. It is a privilege for me to guide others who are on their spiritual path for their own Healing Journey to Brazil."

Barbara Rose Billings
Daughter of the Casa
Official Casa Guide

John of God (or Joao de Deus) is a medium, or vessel of spiritual healing known throughout the world for his powerful ability to facilitate healing. Many have said that he has performed miracles of healing, but John of God always says, “I have never healed anyone – it is God who heals.”

Medium Joao was spiritually led to Abadiania in Brazil to build a healing center. As a full trance medium he allows healing spirits (Entities) to work through him. Joao de Deus is the strongest full trance medium alive today in Brazil and perhaps in the world. He is able to incorporate many different spirits.

As someone who has personal experience with the power of healing available at the Casa, I would be honored and privileged to be your guide in what has become an important part of my life's journey.

For more information on Healing Journeys to Brazil, please visit my web site where you will find all the information you need to determine if this journey is something you would like to explore.

John of God

John of God and Barbara Rose Billings.

Healing Harp Lessons

Barbara Rose is currently teaching private harp lessons. No prior musical experience required for these lessons. The focus is on learning to play the small therapy harp for your own personal enjoyment and healing.