Integration Therapy

Barbara Rose is available for private sessions in person or on the phone for clients seeking assistance with:

  • relationship issues
  • stressful situations
  • addictions
  • life transitions
  • physical & emotional blocks
  • preparation for and recovery from surgery
  • spiritual direction (invitation for deepening growth on your unique spiritual path)

A wide variety of techniques may be used, including:

  • cellular cleansing
  • harp therapy
  • clinical hypnotherapy
  • energy balancing
  • aromatherapy
  • guided imagery
  • stress reduction
  • Awareness Through Movement®
  • Functional Integration®
  • Compassionate Harp

Healing Harp Lessons

Barbara Rose is currently teaching private harp lessons. No prior musical experience required for these lessons. The focus is on learning to play the small therapy harp for your own personal enjoyment and healing.