Integration Therapy

As others have experienced it...

Occasionally something special happens in life that is simple and transformative. In just a single session with Barbara Rose I experienced a wonderful synthesis in my own personality that has had profound lasting effects.

Len Saputo, M.D.
Founder, Health Medicine Forum
Walnut Creek,


Barbara Rose embodies the very essence of healing. Through my many journeys, her guidance - subtly strong, quietly powerful, intuitively clear - has been a treasured gift in my evolving process.

Deborah Behrens
Alive Wire Productions
Los Angeles,

After decades of unsuccessfully dealing with a severe phobia of flying I had three sessions with Barbara Rose. Since then I've sent five postcards to her from international destinations!

Nick Themley
Mill Valley,

Barbara Rose's hands always heal my body...her words my heart.

Belinda Irons
Top Talent Agency
San Francisco,

Barbara Rose's healing hands facilitated a resurrection of my body and being. I highly recommend her work.

Anne Wilson Schaef, Ph.D.
Author, Living in Process
Denver, Colorado

Barbara Rose has created a brilliant fusion of therapies. Her work has transformed the quality of my life.

Gail Teehan
Feldenkrais Practioner

I have experienced Barbara Rose both as her client and as her student. I have sent my clients to her when they could not move forward with simple "talk therapy." Her contribution to the healing process is truly outstanding.

Paul J. Roy, Ph.D.
Academic Vice President
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Palo Alto,

Barbara Rose facilitates a powerful, whole-making force that smoothes out the inside rumpled me. I experienced subtle dimensions of body, emotions and spirit being integrated and healed in a remarkable way.

Rev. Francis Geddes
Spiritual Director
San Anselmo,

The cellular cleanse that I did with Barbara Rose Billings was the most effective thing I have done to heal old wounds and more importantly, make room for inner peace. The workshop itself was fun and profound, but the positive effects from doing it continue to reveal themselves to me on an ongoing basis. It was truly transformative.

San Rafael, California

As a result of the cellular cleansing I am more open to the divine messages of the Universe. In my business of motivational speaking and corporate training I now feel I can more fully give to the participants. When I am on stage something comes over me that I cannot explain and every person leaves knowing how they can give their best. As a result of my work with Barbara Rose my business goals have accelerated by two years. I am finally financially independent and prospering.

Debbie Maier
Motivational Speaker
Chicago, Illinois

Your healing harp truly plucked the strings of my heart and I experienced a deep emotional healing that I never dreamed possible.

Breast Cancer Patient
Marin General Hospital

When I woke up in the recovery room after having surgery on my foot Barbara Rose was there playing the harp for me. I had such a peaceful recovery waking up to the sounds of the healing harp's melody. I was not frightened or in shock...As I continued to heal in the next few weeks, the sounds of the harp made it possible for me to wean off of the pain medication and to have peace of mind and serenity.

Stephanie Lum, L.Ac.
San Rafael, California

Over the ten years that I have known Barbara Rose, I have been impressed, inspired and rejuvenated by her. Her intuition, I believe, is the basis for her success and skill. Personally, when I became mysteriously ill, she placed her hands on my body and suggested I have my medical doctor check me for adrenal fatigue which he subsequently diagnosed and treated. Barbara Rose is committed, nonjudgmental, open and optimistic, gifted and wise. She is respected and admired by her colleagues and clients. Anyone who chooses to receive her sessions will agree with me and be witness to a miracle worker in action.

Catalina Cain
CHT, Reiki Master Teacher
Kapaau, Hawaii

The sessions with Barbara Rose have brought me transformative results on many levels. The effects I experience with her in my healing process are powerful. During an extraordinary session I actually felt my body levitate. The feeling was as if a huge weight had left my physical body and I felt a sense of freedom I have not experienced in a long time.

Leslie Safley

Upon meeting Barbara Rose my spirit calmed. Using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) she was able to guide me along a path that allowed me to find peace with a significantly recurring challenge. Three years later, when faced with the same issue, I quickly find balance and move away from emotional and physical manifestations. Her work has allowed me to recapture a healing relationship with myself and my family.

Teri Rockas
San Rafael,

Barbara Rose's effect is gentle yet profound. As a scientist, I was not the obvious candidate to work with her, but from the first moments of meeting her I was at ease. In addition to her extensive studies of multiple modalities to draw upon, she has a genuine, kind, calm, and soothing presence that inspires both trust and confidence. There is no doubt that she has made a tremendous, positive difference in my life.

San Francisco,

I went to Barbara Rose for hypnotherapy for help with retrieving something I had lost. I was born in Mexico but had forgotten how to speak Spanish. With her help I have brought my first language back into my life. My friends noticed an immediate improvement in my Spanish after my session with Barbara Rose. I had an amazing experience with her and I'm always saying to myself how I should contact her more often.

Brian Rosales

Because of Dr. Barbara Rose Billings and hypnosis I am a permanent non-smoker. I started smoking when I was fourteen years old. I was hypnotized by her four years ago and have not smoked since. I am over fifty…I knew that in order to quit smoking I had to have all cravings gone. I really needed help. I would smoke a cigarette before bed and wonder if I would be diagnosed with cancer the next day. I know that I have done a lot of damage to my body, but because I finally quit smoking, I will live a longer life. My hands, hair, house, car, and clothes don't smell of cigarettes anymore. Thank you, Dr. Billings!

Jill Daree Aldridge
San Pablo,

Barbara Rose may be the single most important person who influenced and guided me to positively shift and transform myself to live an enriched, wholesome, fulfilling, passionate and healthy life. In our first session, she was able to identify a block in my power chakra, help me to discover its source and give me instructions on how to clear the block, thus allowing me to reclaim power in my life. It worked. I began writing songs and soon followed a dream of performing and making a cd of original songs.

I joined a womens' spirituality group led by Barbara Rose where she taught us numerous skills and techniques, all through guided self-exploration, leading to greater self-awareness and insightfulness. She is one of the (if not THE) safest people I know. I feel I can share anything with her and I will not be judged. She has a special gift with groups in which she makes each person feel equally welcomed and special. For me, having always felt like a peripheral figure in groups, this felt especially comforting.

I joined another group with Barbara Rose, a Reiki training group, which was a weekend training in Carmel and was the first time I had left my husband and two young children. I remember thinking at the time (five years ago) that if Barbara Rose were not there I wouldn't have gone because I would have felt too vulnerable. I returned so rejuvenated and enlightened, thanks to Barbara Rose's way of making every moment in her group feel like divine luxury. Just thinking about her makes me take a deep breath and calm my life. She is exceptionally gifted with healing techniques, and has a benevolent, loving manner whether it be a verbal, physical or spiritual path towards healing.

Since I began Barbara Rose's groups, I have become more involved in my religious practice and am closer to God. I cannot imagine any greater gift that one could give. I recommend Barbara Rose Billings without hesitation to anyone pursuing a more meaningful life.

Stephanie is now an ordained minister and pastor of Redwoods Presbyterian Church in Larkspur, CA. 

Stephanie Ryder
Mill Valley,