Integration Therapy is a gentle, loving healing method developed by Dr. Barbara Rose Billings through years of education and experience. It is designed to assist in healing emotional distress, physical challenges and spiritual growth.

Integration Therapy is multi-faceted and individualized. Its strength lies in its ability to unleash the healing power within you by integrating spirituality into the healing process.

The purpose of Integration Therapy is to help lead you to experience peace, well-being and joy, empowering you to live life more fully.

Integration Therapy is designed to complement other types of healing such as: medical programs, psychotherapy, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and 12-step programs, etc. It is not intended as a substitute for other types of counseling or medical care.

Barbara Rose specializes in dealing with:
Relationship Issues
Stressful Situations
Life Transitions
Physical & Emotional Blocks
A wide variety of techniques may be used, including:
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Energy Balancing
Spiritual Direction
Cellular Cleansing
Guided Imagery
Stress Reduction
Awareness Through Movement ®
Functional Integration ®
Harp Therapy